Friday, January 29, 2010

going to borneo

its time to be lonely again..i am going to Kuching, Borneo this coming February. Station there for few month. Going to be a great experience to me as I know Kuching is lovely place to go.

I may get a new friend, look at new ambiance and be in a new culture. Sometime its good to be alone anyway. I like to walk alone, explore the nature, look at peoples activities, window shopping, look at craft and watch movies.

Maybe it is the time for me to look at my own self and plan the future.

Friday, January 22, 2010

easy to love love woman..from my life is easy to find a woman.. but difficult to find love.. end can be conclude that love is a give from god ..but it does left a sweet memories in my life..

woman as same as man..there are good one there a not so good one..human..its like that

when i was a teen age boy, so crazy to find love, too eazy to me to admire a girl..but not brave enough to go for it....some times i found its funny thing to remember..

being a young bachelor..i can say a successful one..but at that time seems like got not much choice..maybe my lifestyle at that time doesnt help me so the way at that time i dont think much about woman..but at last the love come to me.. and want to put me in its cage.. can i say i'm a prisoner of love?.. sounds scary

now going to be 40 for few years more.. woman come and go..but dont live any sign of love.. hate to know that they like you because of your pocket and your car .. and it is not worth it at all to even think about them..

i will never buy love.. i believe it is a give from god..because of that, he can take it when he want to ..woman is nice to look is good thing to feel..but to own... dont know..because later you have to let it go..

easy to love.. its free for you to love anybody..but what kind of love is it.. and what will it do to you later.. thats the thing your have be aware of.. human love human ... two unperfect entity..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

new version,,,red yellow and white

transformation...after series of discussion its become like this..
the entrance..looks

but carpet looks dull...cozy lounge seat.. simple and bright corner reading corner...

artistic seminar hall...

Monday, January 18, 2010

the red

my latest freelance office in PJ..simple, clean and bright.. taking example of Google office i tried to create an active mood in the space..

white play a major role in overall scheme..but red give the heat..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

a humble design

somebody ask me to design two type of bedroom for a tropical type of resort located in i just do a basic budget room design, as i understand it not to be so exclusive at that area..the beauty is the nature outside..
although i did it in a rush..over nite work..when i look at it back..its not so badlah..

new year again

welcome 2010..the tiger is coming..forget the past...look at the new sky..the new year sky..

this year will be a challenging is the year that the national economy was predicted to drop cause of its internal be careful with your harder..input should be more than out put..

forget about big car or expensive dress..we need to survive first..

me still an academician..also a designer.. in the very first month i already produce design for two projects ..although it is not for a good pay but good for my folio..still two more projects to go on february..meaning i am still a does motivate me..

i got an opportunity to do an architecture and property business this year.. but need to plan carefully..

as an academician..LUCT is a place for a person like me..a creative person..this year i have to be active and walk carefully...for self development in academic..i'm taking this advantage to upgrade my self in computer skill..sharpen my 3D software i would like to do a research in 3D software for design..hopefully i can further up for PhD mid of the year..

looks like its going to be very bz this year..

last year was a difficult one..but i did enjoy is about solving problem..but you really need to prepare for it..think before you move..

know your self..know your friend..know your environment...

i am a tiger....should think before i roarrr...without that roarr, a tiger is still a tiger... so just walk like a tiger..