Monday, September 29, 2008

ketupat time

this is the most popular food in Malaysia during Hari Raya (celebration day) is a compresed rice to eat with 'rendang'..something hot like curry..lemang is another food that we must have in this celebration day..during this time we all will travel back to our origin and meet our parent..its a great day for me..I can have my moms ketupat and rendang..

my design

I 've been doing this since ten years ago..I like this field so much as much as I loves art..but it is difficult for me to sell artworks i.e painting,compare to do a design and make money from it..this is some of my design works..this is a master bedroom design for a female client..I want it to be soft and feminin looks... this one an outlet for a bank..I still not satisfied with the design.. a modern kitchen..simple and clean

first blog

I used to have a blog 3 years ago..through multiply and friendster..lately I can see that google had a wider range of friends in its blogspot..

I am an interior in Malaysia..a country located in Asia...I am a muslim ..I love to talk about travel, sports and arts...