Saturday, October 31, 2009

i have a dream

close my eyes for a while..ask my self..what is my dream..??

i want a to start a new world... new me...

i almost achieve my goal this year..but suddenly its fly away coz my own mistake..dream is only a dream..its gone when we wake up...

mmmm..its ok...u cant get it some loose some..nothing is perfect in this world..nothing last forever..

..get a new dream.. rio, you are our next Malaysian hero.. thats not come from me..from Kumaraguru..hehehe

Thursday, September 17, 2009

celebrate your raya

hari raya is coming..2 days more..its good because time like this people will appreciate design more.. clean up the house..repaint..change decor..

celebration..thats what i can say about the theme of raya..we celebrate the visitors, relative and friends by showing our own home..and we want it to be nice and cheerful..

for me this a time for me to have a rest..rilex in my kampung..after having s super busy time in town..enjoy the food..hahaha..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

the Black Parade

1 of the reason i joint LUCT is because of the black suite that the lecturer have to wear..i love that style..designer have to wear black..

but last meeting Zatur give a statement that we cant be so this is option on how to be stylish in black but not so casual...

1. a nice asian style designer blazer (body fit) with a straight cut slack

2. a long fit suite with a turtle neck shirt

3. they name it zoot suite....a bit like a clown..

4. be like a model..but looks over with that flowery neck..

5. on friday we need to go to this looks comfortable..

Merdeka Malaysia

independence day...remind me to the late Sudirman ..with his Malaysian flag songkok..he was a great nationalist..

in LUCT..on my way to i walk through FMC staff partition..saw lots of small flags on their that time what i said is 'so skimanya them all ni'...

at home..when i saw my neighbour have flags on their gate..i just said 'tak kuasa lah nak gantung bendera'..

i always wanted to respond to our independence day in a stylish way..but never happened..

todays in newspaper..i can can see how people respond to it..some of them went to Genting Highland and wait for the count down..some make a song..painting and even design....

i did nothing to respond to sad..

i am in Malacca right now..i think i want to have a walk at Dataran Pahlawan..a place where Tunku Abdul Rahman declare the independence of Malaysia for the first time..get the Merdeka spirit back..

hari raya for a designer like me

I am writing this blog from my mum's house in Malacca..a historical city.....proud of that..after having a delicious 'soto' for buka puasa....and Hari Raya just around the corner..mum keep shouting me.."when will you help me to change my new curtain!"..well its a normal scenario to me in Ramadhan..

this Ramadhan is a 'kelam kabut' for me..numbers of big design job in my design office..good for my design business but time always be a major problem..if later a Malaysian see a new image of Post Offices all over Malaysia..the new white and red is the touch of Rio Helmie...

hari raya is always special to me..look for a new cloth..baju melayu specially..being a designer we always like to be different..I found a stylish black kurta in Central Market in color this raya I will ware black.. I can ware it in in my design class also..

talking about is a month for a muslim to be with dear close as can be..but still after a week of Ramadhan I keep on busy with a designer sometime you cant control your self, cant control the time..because the desire towards design, projects and money always burn you..eventhough Hari Raya is just arround the corner

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

design through a child

designers always says that design without feeling is a design without it easy to put your feeling in a space..can be done..but check your feeling first.. is it happy, is it will effect your design..first control your feeling and emotion...its influence the out come..think about design with love...

this is not applicable in design only..all of our, driving, painting and etc...

in DREAMBOX..i do thing with understanding the user..i mean ..try to put my self in the user's place..

but in my own feeling..i always feel like a emotion, desire and soul is like a child..i i want something..i cry badly to get it...everything is personal..i just want things a child..

and i will put that feeling in my design..hehehe

a simple house

a house in Seremban..simple idea is to add a bit tropical elements to the house.

hossein ali - he is a painter

i luv artwork so much..meeting with Ali..who is my student from Iran bring a inspiration to me..about putting arts in a all started when I asked him..who are you for the next 20 years..the answer is I will be a famous artist..when i look at his artworks..I realize that he will be famous for sure..but one thing I'm doubtful is most of the subject is flower..he must be a deep lover..

Monday, June 8, 2009

chinese new year - counting my day

this coming chinese new will be a meaningful one...I will face it Borneo.. maybe I will just lay on my bed and read design magazine..or relax on a Astro.. or seat infront of my PC..write my blog..or take a piece of someting...or take a taxi go down to Kuching..or take a bus to Bako..walk along the white beach..

mmm..not so to get use to it..this is my new world..

butik pucuk emas

having a local Malay client in this country sometimes are challenging but interesting. thwy always want to have their identity as a Malay..eventhough for a comercial project. BUTIK EMAS is a songket (traditional type of fabric) outlet, located in SACC Mall Shah Alam.

it is a trial of blending a cotemporary style with a bit of traditional touch.